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How much are your standard photography charges? 

We have a set charge per hour depending on the scale of the event, how many people are going to be there and the amount of hours required for the event. We indicate the cost on a quote once you request it through our "Book Now" section of the page.  On the quote there is a per hour charge and an editing & processing fee for all the work that goes into post processing to fix, correct, enhance and make everything look neat. As we shoot photos in RAW each image is not final, they must be processed and rendered out. 

When / How do I pay for the services?  
An initial 25% of the total cost is taken as a non-refundable deposit to secure the date, the rest is paid after the event has concluded. 

Generally we do not prompt payment until we've done the majority of the work. We usually send a remaining balance reminder once the photos have been edited.  Generally our clients prefer to pay after the event is over. 

You'll find payment instructions and our ASB bank account number on the bottom of the quote page sent to you. 

How long does it take you to provide event media? 

We generally allow a window of a week after the event has concluded. Larger scale events sometimes take a few days longer, however we are committed to meeting our 1-week turn around time for all clients. We will notify you if there are any delays.  
Expedited editing can be requested however we  have additional charges. 

After an event has concluded will it cost me to request more media, or re-edits?

As stated in our client engagement agreement we send out to our clients prior to events, we have stated once the final edits have been selected it is at our discretion to send particular pictures or remove the ones that are not good quality. If a client wants to request that we re-edit, revise or find more media once the event has concluded then that will incur another editing and processing fee. 

I would rather have physical media than a HD Download?

We are happy to accomodate, however there will be a charge for physical media at cost to the client. Physical Media can be CD/DVD or 8gb/16gb USB.  Current pricing for physical media drive is $25.00.

I would like to enquire about refunds? 

We strive to meet our clients' criteria to the best of our ability and provide the highest quality efforts for the lowest amount of cost. With the digital nature of shoots, once media has been taken and payment has been amounted we do not offer refunds unless at our absolute discretion. The policy wording is in the client engagement agreement before we start any work. 

Why do you charge a callout fee for events under 2hrs ?

A lot of preparation goes into being able to attend events - this also involves being able to pay staff for their hard work. Generally we do not charge a callout fee on most events, however for events under 2 hrs we need to charge a fee to be able to cover staff costs & fuel to get to the event.